Monday, 16 February 2015

Something Pretty Big This Way Comes.......

What could it be?

It's a castle. With some... more than disturbing rumours about the imminent demise of Warhammer Fantasy floating around the Internet at the moment, I decided to go out and get a Warhammer Fortress (or rather the components of one, since some idiot at GW decided to stop selling the actual Warhammer Fortress kit) of my very own like I always wanted to. It was something of a dream of mine to one day host a giant Mighty Empires campaign with my friends (after getting them into the tabletop hobby), and one of the many custom rules I had planned was that whenever a tile with a castle piece on it was attacked, the defender could put down a Warhammer Fortress or suitable equivalent. I've largely given up on that dream now, but if it ever comes to pass then this means I'll at least have most of the major stuff I'd need. 

I also went and finished up a Treeman. An awesome 6th edition style Treeman. I just wish it was a metal one... 

Much like his smaller cousins the Tree Kin, it was a blast to paint, and unlike the Tree Kin it wasn't absolute torture to undercoat. I'm actually fairly content with how it turned out, and think it's one of my better attempts at replicating the old GW studio scheme (and at mixing colours). 

Now then, back to my painting (and listening to the new Nightwish single over and over again)...

Monday, 2 February 2015

The first post of the new year

My god I really need to work on updating this thing quicker.

So I finally finished the unit of Tree Kin for my Wood Elf army.

No background story this time sorry. Warhammer Fantasy background is still suspended until further notice, since mine now conflicts with official GW background thanks to the End Times series. I don't normally ask for comments, but this time I'm making an exception: please do comment if you'd like me to keep posting my Warhammer Fantasy background, as at this stage the deciding factor for if I do or not will be how much demand I perceive for it (and I promise I'll respond to them too - I know I don't usually but I'll really try this time, honest!).

In other news, there's also the annual Christmas/New Year's haul. This time around with a hefty supply of shiny new Tau kits for Warhammer 40,000, for when I get around to that project.

And I won another lot of free stuff. Not as much as last time though (although it would be hard to top that jackpot), but still a goodly amount:

It's three XV8 Crisis battlesuits, 8 gun drones and four Firewarriors, which will make fine guinea-pigs for my paint scheme.

Finally, I also wound up with one of these.

It's an enormous gift-box that Games Workshop gave out for orders over a certain amount - you can see they went with the 'one size fits all' approach! It's absolutely cavernous inside, I've put all sorts of things in it and still haven't filled it up completely. I'm still not completely sure on what to do with it, but my current thinking is to attach some carrying handles, fill it with foam and use it as a vehicle hanger for my future Tau army, since it seems like it could hold 6-8 large vehicles easily.

That's all for now. I need to get back to feverishly working through the literal mountain of models that's accumulated in my room.