Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Zephyr through the Leaves

So while I'm agonising over whether or not to base my next Glade Guard regiment in snow or not (so far I'm leaning towards yes), I finished the movement tray for my Glade Riders, The Zephyr through the Leaves.

And the background for them that I wrote. If you're coming here from, you'll have probably already red it, but otherwise here it is. 

Glade Riders are a rare thing in the Meadows of Heaven. Contrary to what it's name might suggests, the territory in fact contains very few meadow areas and even fewer stable glades, and the armies of the Meadows of Heaven have historically placed little need on cavalry, instead preferring larger numbers of infantry to better move through Woodland unrestricted, an outlook that has lasted to the present day. What roles fast-moving cavalry normally fulfil are mostly performed by Warhawk Riders instead in the Meadows of Heaven. Nonetheless, there exist a few small Kinbands within the Meadows of Heaven, and they are equipped as well as any Glade Guard unit, though their equipment is generally focused more around speed. Their Lorenweave cloacks, for example, have slightly smaller and lighter cuts, and they wield lighter scout longbows rather than the heavier glade guard longbows. 

The combat daggers are of the same design as those used by the Glade Guard however, and the Glade Rider kinbands also share the tradition of giving the unit champion, a Horesmaster in this case, two such combat daggers. Like their Trusted Bowman compatriots, Horsemasters ride to battle with their cloaks adorned with golden vines symbolic of the wealth and power of the Meadows of Heaven, and a trio of rubies of command, a sign of military rank, with rubies being considered to be the most warlike of gems by the Asrai of the Meadows of Heaven. Each Glade Rider is also armed with a long elegant spear, used in both battle and hunting, and it is this rather than the longbow that is hand-crafted by each Glade Rider. 

Due to the predisposition towards infantry in the Meadows of Heaven, Glade Riders are often used for defence rather than attack, patrolling the pathways of the Meadows of Heaven using their great speed to swiftly cover large swathes of ground, as well as being sent after fleeing enemies to ride them down, so that they might never again threaten the Meadows of Heaven. 

And finally here's a group shot of my entire completed Wood Elf army so far.

From back-to-front, left to right: Summer Lightning (Glade Guard), Scaretale (Dryads), the Defenders of the Glade of Poppies (Eternal Guard), The Zephyr through the Leaves (Glade Riders), the Wood Wasps (Scouts), Moni'qeth (the army standard bearer), Aneaeth Ollissin (the Spellweaver), Maxamaron (the Wishmaster of the Meadows of Heaven, and the army general, a Highborn).

Now back to the Glade Guard...


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