Friday, 10 January 2014

Metal and Magic (the New Year haul)

Ahh, at last I'm back in an area with wifi! Oh how I've missed the internet.

So I've been away house-sitting for the last couple of weeks, but over this time many things have happened on the hobby front. First of all two of my three orders arrived.

The first (which was the second I picked up due to being processed later) is the first troupe of Wardancers for my fledgling Wood Elf army for Warhammer (fantasy).

Wonderful miniatures, I couldn't be happier with them, especially since in a remarkable coincidence I seem to have gotten every single one depicted in the pictures on GW's website. More diagonally-slotted bases would have been nice though.

Then came the second shipment. Due to a processing quirk, I actually ended up getting it before the Wardancers, as well as two days earlier than I anticipated, but I ordered it second so I consider it the second one.

In it was a pair of Wood Elf nobles, to help with all the tedious administrative work involved in ruling a vast woodland empire (and because I love the models).

As well as something truly special, one of my all time favourite Warhammer models and my own personal Christmas gift to myself - Naestra and Arahan, the Sisters of Twilight on their faithful Forrest Dragon.

As well as.... an Immolator component??

At least I think it's from an Immolator. It's definitely from a Sisters of Battle tank. It came in place of the little scenic doodad which seems to come with the Sisters of Twilight kit, which irks me somewhat, since it means I don't have said little scenic doodad. I also feel a bit bad for the poor Adepta Sorroritas collector who ripped into their shiny new Immolator/Rhino/Exorcist box and discovered a pile of wood instead of a track plate. Oh well, I suppose I could substitute the other little scenic doodad I have floating around, it looks the part well enough.

And I also got a Unicorn, which will serve as a faithful steed to my Spellsinger.

And now as a reward for putting up with all these pictures of unassembled classic miniatures (hey, the blog's called Naked Metal for a reason you know), I now present what I've been working on these past two weeks: my new Spellweaver, Aneaeth Ollissin (her first name's pronounced 'Anne-ee-ath' in case you were wondering). Now at last my army has magic support!

And here she is with the first of my Glade Guard units, Summer Lightning, enhancing their arrows with the Resplendence of Luminescents floating around her.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of Glade Guard, I'll be putting together my second unit of them soon, and I was wondering about something. See, back when I was first conceiving this Wood Elf army, I had this crazy idea to base each of the four main Glade Guard units in it in a different season - Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn. The colour scheme would stay the same with each unit, only the bases would be different. I think this could be a big success, since in theory it keeps the army looking uniform while adding variety and making each unit pop, and I have some background justifications for the phenomenon, as well as ideas on how to model each season, but I worry the end result might not look terribly good. What do you think about this? Come, share with me your thoughts my avid faithful readers. Both of you!

Well that's all I have for now then, now I have to write up background for my new creation on my Wood Elf thread on


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