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Wurrshuv's Revenge - Week 1

Wurrshuv's Revenge - An ATT Campaign 

Week 1 

A week on from the start of the Tau counteroffensive has seen little movement of the front lines, with both sides instead seeking to consolidate their own holdings before pressing further on. Combat has thus far been limited to only a few major battles and several dozen low-intensity raids and skirmishes as the Tau and Orks probe each other's forces for weaknesses and opportunities to exploit. Aerial and long-range engagements between high-level operational and strategic assets have also intensified, and the skies over the warzones of M-88 have become crisscrossed with trails from aircraft and long-range missiles. Electronic warfare efforts have also intensified on both sides in an attempt to further disrupt the enemy's command and control capability. 

More and more Roks continue to stream into the inner regions of the system, leaving the Tau fleet increasingly stretched. As news spreads about the growing conflict in space, Ork Freebootas have begun to flock to the system in search of battle, further strengthening Wurrshuv's space forces. So far the valiant efforts of Kor'vattra fleet K-42 have managed to keep the Tau reinforcement corridors open, but it remains to be seen how long this can be sustained. 

Situation Updates - All Sectors 


Tau forces have scored one of their first major victories in enemy territory in the He'Sho Seas region. In a daring air-landing assault planned by Enclave Command, Tau Hunter Cadres staged an attack on an Ork oil refinery complex designated FFG355Y by the ATT Shas'ar'tol. Allied forces played a key role in the operation, with the Tau commanders calling in every single mercenary and free agent contact they knew of to bolster their numbers and ensure mission success. It is believed that Enclave Command may even have called on the services of pirate warbands through ties established by the mercenary and piracy operations conducted by the Farsight Enclaves in the wider Eastern Fringe. 

Regardless of their nature, these additional auxiliary forces proved an immense help in countering the overwhelming numbers of Greenskins sent against the landing forces, and the operation has been a success with the oil facilities destroyed by Tau airstrikes and a small beachhead established in the He'Sho Seas. Nonetheless, while an important step the attack has thus far been but a pinprick. Numerous other Ork settlements and resourcing operations continue to work unimpeded, and Ork reinforcements are beginning to flood into the region in preparation for counter-attacks. The Tau landing forces are now cut off behind enemy lines, reliant on continued Air Caste missions for support, reinforcement and resupply. The allies with them are thus far aiding in the defence of the beachhead, but there are concerns among the ATT Shas'ar'tol as to how reliable they may prove to be in the long-term, especially over an extended campaign. 

Ork Points: 84 
Tau Points: 16 


As part of the second stage of Operation FARSIGHT, the Tau attempt to comprehensively assess the Ork invaders, the Tau have begun dispatching long-range patrol forces into the Ork occupied Mo'Hav Plains, with the objectives of probing Ork defences and forces in the area, analysing Ork offensive and defensive capabilities and reestablishing contact with any surviving Tau forces in the area. Several scattered parties of survivors from the initial Ork attacks and the remnants of Stealth teams and special forces inserted into the area during earlier stages of Operation FARSIGHT are known to still be present in the region, desperately struggling to survive as the Orks mercilessly hunt them down, and the ATT Shas'ar'tol wish to save as many of these lives as they can. 

Thus far all such efforts from these long-range patrols have ended in failure. The Vior'la forces sent to the surface of M-88 have spearheaded the operations, and numerous Vior'la cadres have found their patrols annihilated by fast-moving Speed Freak warbands or locked in bitter skirmishes with Greenskin patrols. Little headway has been made, while the spoils of M-88 continue to pour back to Wurrshuv's Krunch along the miles of crude roadways created by the Orks, with vast convoys delivering hundreds of tons of looted Tau items to Wurrshuv and his followers, where they are a converted into new weapons and wargear with which to equip the Greenskin hordes. 

Ork Points: 81 
Tau Points: 19 

Wurrshuv's Krunch - ORK CONTROLLED 

Plundered Tau technology and vast quantities of raw materials continue to stream into the fortresses and Mek workshops surrounding Wurrshuv's Krunch, where Wurrshuv and his Mek acolytes use them to create ever more diabolical devices to arm the greenskin hordes with. Recent evidence has suggested that the notorious Bad Dok known only as 'Orkanik' has resurfaced on M-88 and pledged his allegiance to Wurrshuv. What fiendish designs Orkanik might have on M-88 none can say, but Deff Dreads and Killa Kans have already begun appearing in larger numbers amongst the Ork invasion. 

As the conflict escalates Wurrshuv has begun to make increasing use of high-level assets to undermine the Tau forces arrayed against him. Batteries of extended-range Soopa Gunz have been deployed on the edge of the Krunch area and now bombard concentrations of Tau troops and vehicles in the neighbouring sectors with relative impunity. An expanded network of Ork airbases now honeycombs the region, and in addition to patrolling the Mo'Hav plains squadrons of fighta-bommers now constantly strafe and bombard Tau forces in the nearby Or'vesa and Saal'vesa regions, often prioritising supply depots and convoys. Several squadrons of fighta-bommers have been ovserved using captured Blacksun Filters to stage effective night-time raids on Tau positions, while the ever-present Beepy Gubbinz or 'Shoot-me-not devices' continue to complicate Tau air-defence efforts. 

Ork Points: 100
Tau Points: 0

Note: Due to heavy Ork defences and overwhelming numbers of Orks in the area, Tau players may not report games in this region. 

"It's dark, so you usually hear them first, a kind of cross between a roar and a howl that sounds like an electric whirlwind. Then somewhere close to the horizon they vomit out a cascade of hot bright orange-white tracers into the ground ahead of them. That's when they drop their payload. You learn quickly how to tell apart each kind - regular rockets ripple out in swarms, tank-buster rockets always come in pairs and sound like a thunderclap when they strike the ground. The incendiary bombs are the most impressive, erupting into giant fans of fire and smoke that can burn for hours on end. 

Sometimes you'll see a pair of missiles rise up to chase them, or a bright blue stream of fire from an Angelfish somewhere nearby, but all too often the only sight at the end is bright flares from their afterburners. And Come morning there'll be another supply convoy wrecked on a sea of craters." 

- Shas'Ui'Fal'shia Kar'J'kaara, on the efficacy of nighttime Ork air attacks 

Training Ground Saal'vesa - TAU CONTROLLED 

The first lead elements of the Speed Freaks sweeping westwards have begun to enter the Saal'vesa training grounds, and have met with swift Tau counterattacks. Engaging in force, the Tau have defeated many of these early forrays in an ironic mirror to their setbacks in probing the Mo'Hav Plains. One particular incident saw the destruction of a number of mobile oil platforms the Orks had set up to facilitate the rapid refuelling of their follow-on forces. The mobile oil platforms represent an intriguing new example of the ways in which Wurrshuv's forces have prepared for a protracted conflict and their attention to logistics support, and Earth Caste science and engineering teams are eagerly examining their remains. 

The Tau have held the line thus far, and morale is high in the Saal'vesa training grounds. As the Speed Freaks continue their race westwards, and more conventional Ork forces beginning to stream forth from the Mo'Hav Plains, the conflict in the south is only just beginning. 

Ork Points: 34 
Tau Points: 66 

Training Centre Or'vesa - TAU CONTROLLED 

The Tau leadership has decided that their first step should be to strengthen their defences. Thus, the bulk of the Tau military efforts have been focused in the region surrounding Training Centre Or'vesa, aiming to contain the attacks of the Northern Raiders. Responding to requests from Enclave Command for more reinforcements, Tau Empire troops have been redirected from the Empire Sector in the south to aid their Enclave allies in the north. 

Thus far the additional forces have tipped the balance in favour of the Tau, and strong counter-attacks in the areas surrounding the Or'vesa training centre have managed to stabilise the front lines in this region. Tau Empire forces fighting here have made good use of the local training grounds, where their intimate familiarity with the terrain and environments of the grounds gives them a decisive edge in combat. This has presented the Orks with a fork - either attack the training grounds in force where the Tau hold a key advantage, or bypass the training grounds and press onward in the region, which in turn has presented the Tau with an opportunity to finally gain the operational initiative in an active theatre. 

Ork Points: 38 
Tau Points: 62 

Fio Starport - TAU CONTROLLED 

With command and control fully established, Earth Caste engineering efforts have recently been focused on expanding the medical and repair facilities at the Fio Starport complex. Since the fighting escalated a steady stream of damaged equipment and wounded Tau and auxiliary warriors has begun to filter back to the region from combat in other sectors. In many cases evacuation off-world is required, but with more aid stations and repair bays in place and additional equipment and supplies for them, a large number of more moderate casualties can be returned to active duty much more quickly, and the number of equipment write-offs can be significantly reduced. 

The Air Caste have continued their bombing campaign over the He'Sho Seas and Mo'Hav plains, but their resources are beginning to stretch thin. Mounting losses from intercepta rokkits and defending fighta-bommers over Ork territory are starting to take their toll on the Air Cadres deployed on M-88, and increasing Ork air-raids put further pressure on the Tau air forces. Additional Tracer Missile batteries have been forward-deployed to nearby warzones in order to strike at Ork airbases in the Krunch area as an attempt to compensate for this. 

Ork Points: 0 
Tau Points: 100 

Note: Due to the extensive Tau defence networks in place within this region, Ork players may not report games in this territory.  

Ork Campaign Points: 4 
Tau Campaign Points: 4 

Away from the conflict on M-88, an unusual incident has occurred aboard the ATT Orbital. Less than two Rotaa ago ATT Security teams encountered an unknown life-form roaming the corridors of the station. The creature then proceeded to rampage around the Lower Concourse of the station, killing 3, wounding 7 and inflicting considerable damage to a number of conduits and sub-systems. Security Drones managed to eliminate the alien, which was then identified as an Orkoid Squig. 

Exactly how a Squig managed to reach the ATT Orbital is unknown at this time, but subsequent investigations have suggested the life-form may have originated from one of the station's refuse pods. The module has since been jettisoned as a precaution and tracked. 

+++Priority Address+++ 
+++TO: All Tau forces, Empire Sector+++ 
+++AUTHOR: Shas'O'T'au Kais'Ka'Eoro'Da'Anuk, Hunter Cadre Da'Anuk (42nd T'au Guards Cadre)+++ 

Well then.

To all those Tau and allied forces in-theatre, I bid you welcome. Whether you've just arrived in-system or you've been fighting the Ores'la alongside my forces since they first landed, it's certainly good to have you here. Some of the forces I see under my command I do not recognise, but I look forward to working with you. Some names I am very familiar with, and to those I say that it is certainly good to serve alongside you once again. We need all the help we can get on M-88 and I could not have asked for better comrades in this dangerous time. 

When I first defended the ATT Orbital against the forces of the Mont'au, I never once imagined it would have come to this. These invaders have dealt us a humbling defeat, and now they have made their stronghold in the very heart of our planet. I suspect after the last Incursions some may have thought us invincible. Recent events have proven that to be an illusion, and a grave misjudgement. 

But we have survived nonetheless, and that has given us a chance to learn from our errors and correct our mistakes. If we can do that, we may have victory yet. The forces gathered here on the surface are considerable. They include warriors of excellent calibre, and our equipment is second to none. Though they may stray from the path of the Tau'va, the denizens of the Gulf have returned once more in our time of need, and stand ready to lend their aid as well. If we remain united, and we retain our wits, we will surely triumph. 

But remember warriors, do not become overconfident. I've fought Wurrshuv before on T'suam'Or'Sha'is, and he is a cunning and deadly adversary. The armies he has brought with him have already shown considerable power, and if the latest reports are to be believed his own forces are formidable indeed. It seems he has developed a keen understanding of both our technology and our way of war, and there is no telling what other tricks he may have gleaned on the Eastern Fringe. 

It is certainly a mighty conflict that is set before us, but I feel confident about our chances. Trust your brothers and sisters, and the auxiliaries who stand shoulder to shoulder with you, and may the Ethereals watch over us. It's time we hit back. 

Let's hunt some Ork, 

- Da'Anuk

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