Friday, 28 February 2014

Dearest Amelia

++++ Correspondance Document ++++
++++Delivery Destination: Ultima Segmentum; Scandiacus sub-sector; Gretchen system, Lacuna Lithia [ERROR: Planetary location address classified]++++
++++Send date: 997.M41++++
++++Recieved: 997.M41++++
++++ Source Location: [ERROR: origin location classified]++++
++++Author: Inquisitor Jav're, Ordo Hereticus++++
++++Attachments detected; recieved. Attachment subject: physical cargo - organic matter. Size class: minoris++++
++++Running security checks++++
++++Weaponry detected: none++++
++++ Toxins detected: none++++
++++Dangerous pathogens detected: none++++
++++Dangerous technology detected: none++++
++++Psychic signature: negative++++
++++Psycho-conductive content: none++++
++++Running purity checks....... probing for taint........ scouring for taint......... checks complete; no taint detected. Purity status: Pure++++
++++Threat assessment: nil. Document and attachments safe to review++++
++++Thought for the day: He who is without righteousness is nought.++++

Dearest Amelia, sweetest Katherine, 

I pray this letter finds you well, in good health, in fine spirits and, above all, by the eternal will and glory of the God-Emperor, alive. You are truly a treasure, both to this honoured branch of the Inquisition, and even more so to me. Already I cannot bear to fathom you lost. 

I also trust that the flowers I send with this letter make it to you intact. As you will probably note upon immediate inspection, they are a rare variety of Cosmorose, found in scant places within the Imperium, and especially scarce in the Galactic East. Indeed, I am told they are thought to be a dying species. Recently we stopped at a small Convent-world, and I found several bushes of them growing around the primary Ecclesiarchal chapel present, and their icy blues and violets recalled the infinite depth and beauty of your eyes. The Sororitas there, of the Order of the Celestial Cross, were kind enough to help me pick and preserve in stasis a few of them for deliverance to you. Some of them commented that you were lucky to have the adoration of such a dedicated and pious servant of humanity. I myself beg to differ, for I consider myself far luckier to have discovered you. It was a wondrous little 
world, full of light and colour and pretty little horticulture arrangements, and the chapel was a thing of marvel. Perhaps one day we might have the good fortune of uniting there in marriage someday, when this darkness finally breaks. 

I am afraid to say that I cannot reveal where I currently am at the moment. As I'm sure you know full well, secrecy is paramount in this business, and information is dangerous if left unguarded. Suffice to say I am somewhere far far away from Holy Terra, where the blessed light of the Emperor does not quite reach, and as always hunting something particularly dangerous. The particular heretics I have secured of recent in my pursuit of the heart of their blasphemous coven have proven notably resistant to both interrogation and pennant cleansing techniques. They revel in any sensation, even excruciating pain, and unlike many others of their ilk, sensory deprivation only seems to incite them to dream up imaginary experiences to feel. I have come to employ a method where the subjects are heavily sedated, before being put through various tortures, such as the Martyred Widow, the Crucius Gibbet, with carefully recorded footage of the procedures being recorded and shown to them once they are fully conscious. It has thus far proven effective enough to glean a number of confessions, and I believe I am coming closer to rooting out this vile tumour. Praise be the Emperor! 

I have also come to discover that these heretics seem to particularly favour port worlds in which to fester in. Indeed, just a few days ago we uncovered the largest cell yet of this insidious cult on a world just bellow a major naval starbase! The heretics had managed to worm themselves into the heart of the planet's cities, with many of their number masquerading as individuals of ill repute and providing 'entertainment' services for Imperial crews on leave. Who knows how many fine upstanding Imperial Navy personnel might have been corrupted by these infernal traitors? Fortunately we were able to wipe the scum from the face of the planet with fire and fury, with the support of the planetary Arbites. It certainly did strike a chord of nostalgia in me to be working with them again. Regrettably however our victory came at the cost of 14 dozen good souls in total. An especially high amount of those were also hardened veterans of my household troops. I do not know how long it will take to find replacements that pass muster. 

The days are long and sore without you at my side. Though the time we spent together was but a short few months, already I feel you in my heart, and coursing through my veins. I see your exquisite beauty in the stars, the void they are suspended in as lustrous and dark as your ebon tresses, and all my dreams are of us sharing a lifetime together. I yearn for your touch and wish nothing more than to hold you again in my embrace. I pray fervently to the Emperor that I may be able to see you again soon. Perhaps you will have Cosmoroses in your hair? 

Yours forever, and forever the Emperor's, 

- Jav're 

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