Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Yuletide

So that was much longer than I was anticipating between updates. Merry belated Yuletide/Christmas everyone! I wish you all got what you wanted from Santa. Likely models, if you're reading this blog.

I was originally planning to write this new post much sooner, but things kept coming up, and then Christmas happened, and I was busy enjoying all my Christmas gifts. Fortunately though, in between gorging on trifle, listening to Delain and working through season 5 of Angel, I managed to finish off painting my first batch of hobby helpers (otherwise known as the Famous Familiars). Here they are:

And I also painted up the first of my forgeworld Kor'O'vesh spaceships for my Tau fleet for Battlefleet Gothic, a Kir'la Warden class gunship. If you're coming here through Advanced Tau Tactica then you'll have probably already seen it there on my Battlefleet Gothic thread, but otherwise here it is.  

I'm still not sure what to name it yet. So far I'm considering Project 42, since it's more of a technology demonstrator rather than a dedicated combat ship (i.e. it's a test model and surplus to the maximum squadron size of three for Wardens), but there are some other ideas floating around too. My current naming system for Battlefleet Gothic ships so far has been famous sci-fi ships for capital ships and bands/singers I like for escort squadrons, with one or two ships being named after figures I think suit them. 

Well that's all for now I think. There's still trifle calling me... 


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  1. All subscribed up - off for Christmas cake myself ;)